Cutting Costs and The Big Picture

Especially for title agents, the world can be a frenetic place. It can be very challenging, but very healthy, to pause and reflect on the big picture for your agency. Are you spending money in ways that are out of date, just because you’ve always done things that way? Is cutting costs a priority?

Consider this:

Go Paperless.

What you spend on paper, copiers, toner, storage and more can be drastically reduced by going paperless. A good title production software properly optimized (ask us how!) will make this easy.

Revisit your Underwriter appointments and splits.

While some states have splits that are promulgated, most do not. A little known fact is that splits can also be market driven. Consider reducing the number of underwriters you have and increasing volumes to the ones you like. Remember, selection of the ‘best’ underwriter involves many factors, not just splits.

Are you in the cloud?

Switching to the cloud can save you a ton of money on your IT and hardware expense. There are many options here.

Buy supplies in bulk.

Pay attention to what you actually use and look into buying basics in bulk to save money. Just be sure you are going to use the supply inevitably anyway!

Office Space.

Office needs have changed due to technology. Production systems are now cloud based, meaning your staff can log in from anywhere. Many contain production reporting tools enabling you to measure what the work output is per employee regardless of where they sit. It is ALWAYS a good idea to look into whether your production system is optimized correctly so that you can take advantage of the new efficiencies and potentially save money by having employees work remotely.

Travel less and use free meeting technology more.

Nothing beats a face to face, except maybe a drastically improved bottom line. Much of the benefit of a face to face can be achieved via video conference calls, especially for internal meetings.


Kaizen is a philosophy of incremental improvement. In a title environment, it works best when you simply ask your employees for their suggestions for ways to enhance process or save money. An ‘in the trench’ perspective can be invaluable! Involving employees in this way makes them feel more involved- and that is always a good thing!

Increase Profits with ProsperitasForward

ProsperitasForward provides strategic plans, step-by-step implementation, and ongoing support to help our Customers increase profits. If you are interested in learning how we can make your company better, reply ‘YES’ and I will call you.

Best wishes for a prosperous future.


3 Title Sales Modules to Disrupt the Status Quo

Title 123 is a training program for Title Sales Professionals broken up into 3 actionable and easy to learn modules. Whether you are getting started selling Title or looking to learn new strategies that will keep you on top of your game, you are in the right place!

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Do You Have The Right Cyber Coverage?

The only thing worse than being a fraud victim is finding out afterwards that your “cyber” coverage actually does not cover you the way you thought it did.

Not all insurance policies are created equal, and unless you know what to ask for, your coverage may leave you empty handed.

In the insurance world, the term “Cyber” has taken on a broad range of perils. As a title agent, it is important to know the various exposures surrounding “cyber” risks and how to properly protect your agency.


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Two Ways to Land Top Title Talent

This is a guest article written by Matt Johnston, President of JobTracks. JobTracks is an essential link in meeting the staffing needs of employers in the title, escrow, real estate and hospitality professions. He can be reached directly at:

Most Title Insurance Managers assume elite employees are passive – that they are employed by great companies, are not actively looking for new opportunities and are locked into a career path at their current company.

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alta best practice - ProsperatisForward

Four reasons good posture should be an ALTA Best Practice

We all know the feeling: hunched over our computer and frantically typing away as we desperately attempt to complete the critical project of the day. Our head is angled down toward the computer, our neck is tight, our shoulders are rolled inward, and our spine is curled. We are in the “stress pose.” A walk down the hallway of your office on any given Tuesday (even if it’s not month end) will reveal a majority of employees in this exact posture.

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ProsperitasForward promotes Tish Bush to EVP, Process Engineering

Los Angeles, California (May 2017)

ProsperitasForward, a consulting firm led by a team of title industry veterans, formed to help title agencies improve top line revenue and bottom line results, today announced the promotion of Tish Bush to Executive Vice President of its Process Engineering group. She will lead the team devoted to Title and Escrow Operations and Best Practice Compliance Assessment and Remediation.

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How to Prepare for a Lender Audit

From the inception of ALTA Best Practices, Title Agents have looked for a crystal ball to find answers about what a lender will review during an audit. There are so many choices to make – from the documentation of the ALTA Best Practices Policy and Procedure Guides to the choice of vendors available to assist – it is a truly daunting task to undertake. The reality, too, is that there is no cheat sheet available to share that ties ALTA Best Practices to lender audit requirements. It seems, too, with the ALTA Best Practice Maturity Models introduced in 2016, few, if any Title Agents, have reached the fully optimized status. The question remains: Where exactly does a Title Agent begin their preparations for a Lender Audit? Are all the ALTA Best Practices needed? And, which ALTA Best Practice items are most important; i.e. most heavily weighted during a Lender Audit?

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Should You Outsource?

There are many ways to manage the ups and downs of the market. One option to consider is to create a variable cost structure to your business by outsourcing certain tasks.

There are hordes of outsource/BPO firms – all of whom extol their virtues openly. How do you know which ones are good? Most of them talk a good game and tell you what you want to hear. How do you know they aren’t learning title on your dime? How do you know they will deliver? Do they have adequate security policies and procedures in place to protect NPI, including personnel background checks sufficient to comply with US lender standards? What is the best way to manage them? What tasks should you start with?

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What Consultants Can (and Can’t) Do for Title Agencies

Howard Turk, renowned title agency executive and best-selling author of HOMEfree and House Rich, knows a thing or two about fostering growth in title agencies. He’s done it like clockwork for over 30 years.

Should You Hire a Consultant to Help Your Title Agency?

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Should You Hire a Consultant to Help Your Title Agency?

“Should You Hire a Consultant to Help Your Title Agency?” was written by ProsperitasForward President Howard Turk and originally appeared as a Guest Blog on the PropLogix site. Learn what a title agency consultant can do, what to consider when choosing one, and what to watch out for.

Our friend Howard Turk with Prosperitas Forward works with title agencies like yours to help them reach their maximum potential. We’ve asked him to share his knowledge about what a consultant does and factors to consider when choosing the right one for your business.

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