Howard Turk

Howard Turk is a visionary, best-selling author, lawyer and title industry strategist with over 30 years of experience fostering growth in the title industry sector. He has extensive nationwide and international executive-level industry experience that spans every facet of the settlement service and title industry from both an agency and underwriter perspective.

‘The only source of knowledge is experience’

-Albert Einstein.

Howard’s diverse experience affords him an unparalleled perspective. His lifetime of experience includes small business roles (i.e. owning and building a 30 employee real estate law firm and building a 36 state title agency based in Texas) as well as big business roles (senior leadership roles at First American Title in the US and internationally including Head Underwriter, President of a Brookfield (NYSE:BAM) title agency joint venture). This unique skill set allows him to apply the lessons learned from public company structure to smaller title agencies in a relevant and practical manner.

Notable Achievements that have helped companies improve top line revenue and bottom line profits include:

  • • Conceived, obtained funding for, grew and ran a 36 state title agency. (BRPS Title -Joint-venture between Accurate Title Group and Brookfield Asset Management, NYSE:BAM).
  • • Advised and assisted Accurate Title Group in key approach enabling implementation of strategic Home Equity diligence process, fostering growth to become national leader for Home Equity processing.
  • • Pivotal role in developing First American’s WebSigning and automated title engine TitleSmart platforms as Head Underwriter, National Lenders Advantage;
  • • International title experience in the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia.
  • • Instrumental role in the success of First American/Canadian Title in Canada, driving growth from start-up to industry leader with over 900 employees, $400M+ annual revenue and 65% market share.
  • • Designed, wrote policies for and implemented title insurance programs for mutual fund loans, automobiles and marine/air in the UK and Canada.
  • • Built and operated leading real estate conveyancing law firm in Canada.
  • • Authored two consumer targeted real estate books (HomeFree and the best selling HouseRich), published by Penguin Books.
  • • Authored numerous national newspaper columns and article in the US, Canada and the UK on real estate, investment and related legal issues as well as appearances as a real estate and title expert on many Television talk shows.

Howard has lent his skills and expertise to industry leading title insurance underwriters and agencies, reinsurers, real estate service providers, Proptech and Fintech companies in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and India.

Process Engineering Dream Team

There are many ways to achieve efficiency of process. Our Dream Team is comprised of seasoned experts who have run operations of title agencies and underwriters varying in size and complexity. We know what works and how to make a title agency operate as efficiently as possible. We are experienced in optimizing (including conversion and implementation) SoftPro, ResWare, RamQuest, Title Express and Qualia.

Our team’s collective experience allows a unique operational perspective. We’ve seen it all.

Adopting a collaborative approach we help our clients by starting with a comprehensive assessment with honest and candid results. We know that title agents need a real world view of their business to maximize profit opportunities, exceed customer requirements and ensure compliance. Our extensive industry experience enables us to analyze and enhance workflow models, optimize technology, design standardized operating policies and procedures, review roles and responsibilities of staff to improve production, develop employee performance criteria and more.

Barry F. Flavin

Barry Flavin’s remarkable breadth of experience in launching, building and growing successful title operations across the widest spectrum of ownership and markets has been rooted in his ability to drive improvements in organizational structure and process that resist price-taking competition during market highs and shield profits during market lows.

In addition to his roles as CEO of a multi-state agency and a domestic title underwriter, he has served as a senior field executive for two national underwriters, and helped launch another. Barry has also consulted with private equity groups, national title agencies, and existing title insurers in their acquisition, startup and licensing efforts.

In addition to his operational successes, Flavin has sold four of his companies to publicly traded corporations, purchased and sold agencies and insurers for his employers and advised clients on acquisitions and mergers as a consultant.

Barry’s foundational experience in the title insurance business included personally closing over 10,000 transactions. He has consistently recognized and deployed emerging technologies and organizational structures to achieve outsized gains in distribution efficiency and achieve margins beyond industry benchmarks, while retaining a reputation for fair dealing.

His keen eye for talent is complemented with a willingness and practiced metric to empower those individuals through defined authorities, clarity of purpose, and a true delegation model. Barry particularly enjoys helping business owners identify and overcome their current challenges with a mindful eye toward what comes next in their growth and success.

Ken Manqueros

Ken Manqueros brings an extraordinary range of experience to ProsperitasForward, both within and outside of the Real Estate and Title Insurance sectors. Ken has 26 years of experience, working for First American Title as a senior sales management professional in all of the major National sales channels for that company including Residential, National Commercial, National Lending, National Default, as well as National Agency, culminating in his appointment as President of the National Agency Division.

As a sales leader, he possesses expertise in communications, conflict resolution and providing strategic counsel to senior executives. Acknowledged for setting benchmarks in team-building, organizational restructuring and project management, he possesses the skill and experience necessary to integrate and manage the functions of all kinds of sales divisions, ranging from local to global. He is distinguished from his peers for strengths in building enthusiasm and gaining acceptance for ideas and concepts that may be new and challenging. Ken has a reputation for problem solving and has a long history of being purposefully placed in divisions that were either positioned for aggressive growth or undergoing rapid change due to market or other conditions.

Aside title, Ken ran K2 Ventures, a holding corporation with control of various real estate related developments and entities, as well as co-founded Capital Fitness Group LLC, where he helped form the ownership group of multiple franchise brands and fitness ventures. American Residential, Care Capital, as well as UFC GYMS and Crunch Fitness are all companies that have benefited from his enthusiastic leadership.

Jarrett A. Green

Jarrett Green is an expert in stress-reduction techniques and culture building in high-stress environments. He has enjoyed extensive success helping lawyers and other (sometimes skeptical) professionals to reduce stress, overcome obstacles, and eliminate unwanted work habits. The results commonly include a measured increase in company-wide mental focus, performance, and personal and professional success. 

Jarrett’s approach is premised on the notion that stress and emotional struggles are not only unnecessary for optimal performance, but in fact obstruct optimal performance. Jarrett has developed a comprehensive “Peak Performance Path” that addresses the seven core components of performance:

  • Attention
  • Beliefs
  • Emotions
  • Body
  • Energy
  • Purpose
  • Communication

Jarrett’s philosophy is founded on the idea that if we improve each of these seven components, positive results are all but inevitable: We find our work far less stressful and emotionally draining, and we experience far more focus, power, efficiency, productivity, and overall success.